Among the gifts from last night premiere of “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, there was this lil’ bag of m&ms with Marvel “I Am Groot”.😆❤️ #marvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #mms


Love Is In Your Eyes.” Incredible @JohnnyGWeir AOI picspam from both Beijing and Shanghai, including a stunning series from “Farewell My Concubine,” his groundbreaking male/male pairs performance with Zhang Hao. Plus: amazing HD videos of all Johnny’s performances in China so far. Click thru for 70+ pics and vids!


The Weibocalypse Is Nigh.” Exclusive new @JohnnyGWeir picspam from Beijing, including rehearsal shots and more press conference coverage. Click thru for 40+ photos plus video clips!


Some highlights from a 2010 Swiss tv documentary about Stephane, “Preliminaires.” Part 2 - on ice

Part 1 - off ice


Some highlights from a 2010 Swiss tv documentary about Stephane, “Preliminaires.” Part 1 - off ice

Part 2 - on ice


Johnny Weir - “Nature Boy / Passacaglia,” from the 2007 International Counter Match exhibition gala 

(Source: sizvideos)



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I blame this Inspired by Johnny’s happy reception to his birthday book! :DD AND


A nice montage of Johnny’s practice clips from his Instagram


@slambiel: Morning reunion in Toyama!


Happy summer, everyone!

I blame Johnny’s Instagram for this :D

Yay ice cream!


Enchanting Forests In The World


From the 2010 "Kings on Ice Backstage" documentary.


Johnny, You Are the Best.” Wonderful @JohnnyGWeir picspam to wrap up his Japan trip + video clips, plus: here’s how YOU can help wish Johnny a happy birthday!! Click thru for amazing full-length version of top photo!

1 & 6 © Mutsumi Teshima, 2, 3, 4, 5


Hey! @JohnnyGWeir’s 30th birthday is July 2!!! So yay, it’s fan project time!

This year a very very special fan gift has been chosen for Johnny that we hope he will love, and that we hope expresses in some small way how much his fans love him and how much we will always have his back.

In addition, this year you also can send Johnny a personal birthday message! 

Here’s how to join in:

(1) To contribute to the special gift, please send PayPal to This is Binky’s Johnny Weir Blog’s email, and Binky will be coordinating the PayPal stuff this year. No amount is too small! Deadline for contributions is tentatively Monday, June 30, but that may be extended if needed.

(2) Because this is a surprise for Johnny, the details can’t be posted here. But please know that our gift has been chosen with care, and it is beautiful and very Johnny.

(3) If contributions exceed the cost of the special gift—which, given the generosity of Johnny’s fans, is very likely—the remainder will go toward a gift card for Johnny.

(4) Please include your personal birthday message to Johnny with your contribution. You may include the message on the PayPal form, or, if you need to write something longer, you may email your message separately to All the messages will be given to Johnny in a lovely book designed and printed for his birthday.

(5) If you’re not able to contribute to the gift but would like to send a birthday message for the book, please do so!

As the big day draws near, we’ll let everyone know when the gift is on its way to Johnny. 

If you have any questions about the birthday gift project, please message the “Show Johnny Weir the Love” group on Facebook, or email Binky at

Thank you for helping to make Johnny’s birthday extra special this year! 

Photo credit: Stylecaster. com. From Johnny’s awesome Stylecaster video, filmed on his birthday several years ago. We love!