Ahhhh, @JohnnyGWeir on the ice this morning with some Lady Gaga. As amazing as ever.

From his Instagram: “Gypsy. I don’t want to be alone forever, but I can be, tonight. @ The Pond Ice Arena.”


  Trust me. We will be fine.

Finished it!
I worked over the whole week on this pic. Had no concept when I started doodling, so I was rather surprised about the motive the picture wanted to be.

I had soooooo much FUN coloring this!! ♥♥♥♥

And I’m proud and happy how it turned out!





"She gets sexed up"

"It’s inappropriate."

"A terrible example for young girls."

"Does being yourself mean wear swanky clothing and wear a lot of makeup?"

Yes, actually it can.

I hate when people say this about Elsa. I HATE IT.

First I would like to mention that when people say “be yourself” some people don’t really mean. What they mean is don’t try to hard, don’t put too much makeup, don’t wear clothes that are too tight or comfy, stay comfortable. And for some people, that is not themselves.

Some people like to put on a lot of makeup.

Some people like wearing revealing clothing.

Some people like to look rebellious.

You can’t hold that against them.


All her life, she was told to be this quiet, poised, conservative girl. A girl who wears long dresses, capes. A girl who doesn’t talk back, doesn’t act up. She was trapped. She was trapped in a little box full of responsibilities.

And now she’s LETTING GO.

Did you even listen to the freaking song?

She’s becoming what she wants to be. She’s letting go of the past and heading straight into the future. And no one affects what she looks like. There is no boy she wants to impress. No townspeople. No parents. 

She’s doing all of this for herself.

And I don’t know about you, but I think that this is a great example to set for little girls, afraid to be themselves.


Christina Aguilera: Preach GIF

I’m a little worried that people think wearing high heels (a basic article of clothing for women in and out of the workplace), showing half of one leg and a bit of her shoulders, and wearing a decent amount of makeup is deemed “inappropriate”.


Potato  time !


"…How can that be?"

Opening scene from Oblivion, one of my favourite movies from the last year. I had to put my OTP there, as always XD


A breakdown of medieval armor, since a lot of pieces are required to create a full suit.


Someone, Take me home.
I meant happy ending. All right, Lokitty is not dead in my head, however you can imagine everything.

BTW I enjoyed drawing the panel of Lokitty vs. Thori :)



Yes, I am shipping so hard now that I’ve realized that zebras and swans together are like the cutest thing ever :DDD

Aaand it’s totally cool how their heads are so big that Johnny might as well just be sitting on Stéphane. :D

Photoshop CS6, 6.5 hours

  · I saw Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier on friday night… (A Lil’ Review)

I’ve seen Captain America 2 on friday night with a friend. I was really looking foward to it. CA is not my favourite Avenger, but I was not going to miss it. Especially since it involves the Winter Soldier.


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Being a gamer is not about having no life,

it’s about choosing to have many.

(Source: belovedgames)


this is so stupid 


 moochingleech gave me this precious baby! <3. Yes! Our first collab inspired by this amazing song asdfsfdf. *sobs* We finally did it honey!! luv youuu

Song: Bioware Characters Offering You Some Words of Encouragement And Appreciation
Plays: 9,227


A few Dragon Age and Mass Effect characters got together to express their appreciation for each one of you, and offer some words of encouragement to anyone who is struggling.

Among the guest list is: Commander Shepard, Kaidan, Grunt, James Vega, Garrus, Nathaniel, Fenris, Zevran, and Varric.

As well as a personal message from me!



Referred to as Madame de Fer, “the Lady of Iron”, Vivienne lives up to her title. A leader among the mages and official enchanter to the Imperial court, she is renowned as a fearsome woman who achieved her position through guile and deft political maneuvering. Vivienne allows nothing to stand in the way of what she desires—not those who claim she is a social climber, not those who seek to restrict her power, not even her fellow mages who would conscript her into a rebellion with which she disagrees. Vivienne fights to restore order in a world gone mad…so long as that leaves her among those left standing, once all is said and done.

Check back Wednesday for the next update on Vivienne!







First look: ice skater AU!Loki cosplay by fahrlight

We’re very pleased to introduce Fahr Sindram in the very first installment of our Cosplay Feature!

Read the interview and learn about this talented mangaka, author, and cosplayer.

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Click on the READ MORE above to read the full interview me! (Thank you so much, Marlene/Tumblr for having me! <3 )

*dies* She even did the pose I asked her to do Waaaaah! <333 *dies again*

and there is still going to be MORE photos with Loki AND Thor! *but I have to wait till Thor gets his ass to an ice rink XD!*

I am glad you like it! <3


*o* the other one, the other pose too!!! It wasn’t expected honey! do you want to give me a heart attack?!

please note, there is THUNDER writing on that frickin’ hockey-bat XD!